Toilets Across America...

Toilets Across America, 2011, aka Tour d'Toilet

An bicyclist's look at the toilets from Fargo, ND to Bar Harbor, ME

June 20--Day 32 Pulaski to Old Forge, NY
Osceola, New York....
Hilltop Market, West Leyden, NY
A green room that flushes
June 17--Day 29 Niagara Falls to Brockport, NY
Easy does it.....Erie Canal bike trail
WomanTours Headquarters, Rochester, NY
Erie Canal Bike trail, Rochester, NY...note the bicycle in the foreground...someone was in a hurry!

June 16--Day 28 Niagara Falls, NY
Top of the Falls, Niagara Falls State Park, NY
Top of the Falls, Niagara Falls State Park, NY
Hard Rock Cafe, Niagara Falls, NY
Hard Rock Cafe, Niagara Falls, NY
Nature flushed...Niagara Falls, NY
June 15--Day 27 Hamburg to Niagara Falls, NY
Using the Men's room again......Seneca Towne Family Cafe, Seneca, NY
The seat was up in the men's room....even though there was a urinal....things that make you go 'hmmm'
Some seafood grill on the Niagara River, Tonawanda, NY
Kind of a tight squeeze....
Restrooms, Tonawanda, NY
Uni-sex restroom...for 'Buoys and Gulls"
Glad I didn't have to lay this tile!
"Come out, come out, who ever you are!"  On the bike trail to Niagara Falls

When you gotta go, you gotta go!!  Port-a-pots to go.

June 14--Day 26 Erie, PA to Hamburg, NY
Not the cleanest, but also not outside.  Barcelona Mkt, Barcelona, NY
It's always good manners to purchase something prior to tinkling.

The nice folks of a roofing company let us use their facility.  Orange buster soap to get the grease off, too!! Dunkirk, NY
Connor's Hot Dog Stand, Angola NY
June 13--Day 25 Ashtabula, Ohio to Erie, PA
Conditioning the air....under unit #4.....somewhere in Pennsylvania
Lighthouse Cafe, Conneaut, Ohio
State Street Diner, Conneaut, Ohio....the shower curtains were a nice touch...perhaps a shower while I do my business.
Waste Management, of course!  Ashtabula, Ohio
June 12--Day 24 Cleveland to Ashtabula, Ohio 
Sunoco station in Willoughby, Ohio
A green room with a seat and running water.  Painesville, Ohio

June 11--Day 23 Cleveland, Ohio
Sterle's Slovenian Country House--It was very red
June 10--Day 22 Huron to Cleveland, Oh
Restrooms in Vermillion, Oh
Vermillion, Oh
Yeah....we were using the men's room again
June 9--Day 21 Bowling Green to Huron, OH

In case you ever wondered where milk came from.....Sunoco, Gibsonberg, Ohio
Moose Lodge, Clyde, Ohio  Very clean and tidy!!
Between the earthmoving equipment....appropriate positioning, I think.
June 8--Day 20 Defiance to Bowling Green, Oh
Bathroom at LaRoe's in Grand Rapids, Oh.  The walls are painted...that's not wallpaper.  Very nice!
Outside the restroom below....seems appropriate.
Someplace in Ohio....
In the dam park....the Maumee Dam, that is
June 7--Day 19 Huntington, IN to Defiance, OH

The Dog House grill, somewhere in Indiana

June 6--Day 18  Logansport to Huntington, IN

A 'long drop", as our Australian friends call it....or a dunny....but that isn't as funny
Yet another Green room
At the state park, Salamonie Dam Park
The international sign for 'women's' at Salamonie Dam park
Road trip to Ft Wayne to get our bikes fixed....Road trip to Texas Roadhouse
Texas in Indiana.....yeehaw
Texas Roadhouse, Ft Wayne, IN
June 3--Day 15  Watseka, IL to Logansport, IN
No potty breaks....too hot to pee....

June 2 --Day 14  Streator to Watseka, IL 
Restroom Zone....right next to the food zone, Ankom, IL
Classy place...two women's bathrooms!!!
Wall Hanger....Ankom, Il
Theses seem to be in every people really use them?  Do the men's room also have these baby change stations?
Warning, warning!!  High Water Alert!!!  BP in Odell, IL
Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly.....  Casey's Market, someplace in Illinois 
We go where the employees go.....Casey's Market

June 2 --Day 14  Kewanee to Streator, IL

Just the Green Room today....

June 1 --Day 13  Muscatine, IA  to Kewanee, IL 
Prairie Creek Market and Deli, Prairie Creek, IL

The proverbial line.....Hille and Ramsey
"Are you waiting on me, mate?"  says Aussie, Lea Adams
Typical 'convenient' (get it) store bathroom....somewhere in Illinois
 Cerno's Bar, Kewanee, Il, built 1898
 Retrofitted 1898 room for indoor plumbing
I think this toilet must be an original, too.....

May 31--Day 12 Muscatine, IA, Rest Day
Pearl Button Mall--pretty mural
Pearl Button Mall, nice few of the Mississippi from the throne
May 30--Day 11 Dyersville to Muscatine, IA

Alrighty, then.....
Gotta love the 'dunny's in a public park, still it's better than a 'long drop'. ( I learned these terms from our Australian friends)
And there's always the Green Room

May 29--Day 10  Prairie du Chein to Dyersville, IA
oops....wrong door.....  waht is that in those urinals?  Targets?
That's better.....The Farm Toy Museum,  Dyersville, IA
Sara snapped this somewhere enroute
May 28--Day 9  LaCrosse to Prairie du Chein, WI

This seemed an appropriate "Green Room" spot
Oh, thank you very much.....I had to use the green room below.....
.....and I squatted in nettles.  Ouch!  Not nice.
In consideration of you, and my nose, I opted not to snap a picture inside. Marquette, IA

May 27--Day 8 Wabasha to LaCrosse, WI 
The Green Room
The Blue Heron; cute coffee shop.  I expected a cuter bathroom.

MAY 26--Day 7 Stillwater to Wabasha, MN
Mr Sippi's
 Look closely,  This is a two seater; you have to walk through one to get to the other.  Things that make you go ''hmm'.

May 24--Day 5 Milaca to Stillwater, MN
Blue Moon; Pink is for girls.

May 23--Day 4 Little Falls to Milaca, MN

Grub-n-Pub, Ramey, MN

May 22--Day 3 Wadena to Little Falls, MN

The old 'hide behind the door' trick
Donna Mae's Cafe, Eagle Bend, MN
Casey's General Store, Long Prairie, MN

Nature flushed.  Little Falls, MN
May 21--Day Two  Pelican Rapids to Wadena, MN

I sagged today, and forgot my camera.  All toilets were natural today.  Gotta watch for ticks....

May 20, 2011--Day One: Fargo to Pelican Rapids, ND
His and hers bathrooms....
A fish theme for the men, and flowers for the women.

To reach the bathrooms, one had to past smelly live fish bait--appropriate, I guess.....

This one had me stumped.
Old 52 General Store, Sabrina, ND  Those North Dakotan's like their black and white checker board!

May 19, 2011-- Fargo, ND
Kroll's Diner, Fargo ND May 19, 2011

(rear end, that is)

4-30  St Augustine to Dallas
Best Western Lobby

Jacksonville Airport

American Flight 1637 Jacksonville to Dallas

 4-29 Palatka to St Augustine
one last 'natural' bathroom

Fire station--very clean; those boys do a good job scrubbing

Yea, all that water.....

4-28 High Springs to Palalka, FL

No nature stops today--all toilets!
Florida welcome station where we changed
Pam's tire--used it twice while waiting

Gas Sation...somewhere in Florida

The was a sign that said 'Beware of Dog"--
never did see the dog, just the condom dispenser

Citco Station--it needed to be cleaned

Palatka, FL--Blues Bar where we had lunch

4-27 Perry to High Springs, Fl

Convenience Store outside of Perry

Getting bold--barely(sic) off the road

Outside of a state park

Diner in High Springs

4-26 Wakulla Springs to Perry, FL

First SAG--only "pit' stop; I am drinking a lot
of fluid, but it is coming out my pores!

4-24 Quincy to Wakulla Springs

Short 40 mile ride--didn't have to 'go'

4-23 Marianna to Quincy, FL

Truck station: the ladies room had a line....the men's didn't
so the 'math' was easy....

Cute little coffee house,"Miss Helen's", in Quincy, Fl

Watering nature, again

4-22 Crestview to Marianna, Fl

Privacy and good drainage; what more
could a girl want!

Aunt Sally's restaurant, after the duck attack.  Nasty
men--why do they dribble and why can't they put the 
lid down after using!

Exxon gas station, somewhere in FL.  This 
was down a long, dark hall.

4-21 Pensacola to Crestview, FL

Back room of a grocery store, somewhere Fl

Blackwater State Forest (all the water 
made me need to pee)

Uncle Bill's cafe, Pace, FL

4-20 Dauphin Island to Pensacola, FL

The Crab Shack, FL--hope I 
don't get crabs

sign outside bathroom--go figure

At LuLu Buffet's restaurant, AL

4-18 Pascagoula, MS to Dauphin Island, AL

Given the lack of potty stops I have made in the past few days, 
the heat and humidity,  I  don't think I am drinking enough fluids.... 
McDonald's....someplace in Alabama

Alligator Farm - the 'gator' toilet

April 17 Wiggins to Pascagoula

April 16 Bagolusa, LA to Wiggins, MS

It smelled like a sewer outside this morning, so 
this is in "honor" of the pulp mill making our environment a toilet

SAG stop one

Not sitting on the fence on this one.

SAG stop 2--hope that isn't poison oak.

The bathroom was in this warehouse

Mexican restaurant, Wiggins, MS

April 15--Hammond to Bogalosa, LA

I dared to use the men's restroom....the seat was up. and 
there were dribbles on the floor. Yuck. What's with 
you men?

I forget where else I peed....

April 14--To Hammond 

Another gas station

Gas Station in Zachary, LA

Backroom of an IGA

Off the kitchen of a cafe--scary!

April 12 To St Francisville, La

Not Your Mama's Cooking, Morganza, LA

4-10 Silsbee, Tx to Lake Charles, LA

Somewhere just over the state line; Texans are to classy to put up signs like this

Urgent Care Center (Went there for a bad UTI appropriate)


4-9 Cleveland to Silsbee, Tx

Lona's Cookie Jar Cafe; there was a 'trick' to making this flush....never
did find out what it was.....

gas tank.....

4-8 novasota to cleveland, tx
Gotta water the grass

In the national forest (I don't know which one)

Not a good place to be when you gotta pee. (oo-I'm a poet!)

Somewhere on SR 1725, tx

Seafood Cafe--Guess they don't want me to use this one
Seafood Cafe, Cleveland, Tx--the toilet I could use...

April 6 To Navasota, TX


Gay Hill

Round Top

April 5 To LaGrange, TX


Marty's Cafe, LaGrange


April 3 To Blanco, TX


Just close your eyes and go...Sister's Winery

The ladies' was out of order.....

Used when we were lost--I flushed and flushed this and nothing just got fuller.  I finally sent Bob in to use and flush the toilet--he can run faster....



HEB store

(not really, just wanted to see if you were paying attention)

March 28--Del Rio

Got busted using this by motorcyclists

hmmm-the door was padlocked

ahh--it was hiding a potty for midgets


any rock will due

the bush

 3-26  to Marathon, TX 
SR 90 between Alpine and Marathon, TX  (RR repair crew came by just afterward--close call)

Scant coverage, somewhere on SR90, TX

 Bread and Breakfast Cafe, Alpine, TX

Girl Scout camp, Alpine, Tx

3-24 My Birthday:Ft Hancock
Yucca plant--it's sharp

La Calesa restaurant, Tornilla, Tx

 Fort Hannock--instant privacy....

Irrigation Ditch

Kingston, NM

Emory Pass, NM
(Poll: Do you look down the hole?)

Gila National Forest

Kneeling Nun overview, NM

Safford, AZ

Buckhorn Inn, Globe, AZ

Home Depot, Phoenix



Mary likes good drainage

 Scottsdale, AZ

Imperial Desert

Palo Verde--I'll wait, thank you....