Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

I got a new wheel set yesterday and was extremely excited to go out and ride today.  As I rolled out of my driveway, it was like riding on air; the resistance was so minimal.  It may have been the placebo effect or perhaps due to the upgrade in gear, but I flew today with what seemed little effort; so little, in fact, that I looked for a flag to see if I had a tailwind pushing me!  (It was, in fact, a slight headwind).   So I rode with glee, smiling like a fool, until....BOOM!   The rear wheel blew out....  (and, of course, it had to be the rear since that is the more difficult one to change)

I pulled off the road, and began making the preparations to change the tire.  I was anticipating a struggle since, not only was the wheel set new, but also the tire.  This meant it would be tight on the wheel, and hard to remove.  As I pulled my tire changing gear out of my seatbag, the CO2 cartridge went rolling out.  It was empty.  I had lent it to someone in need, and forgot to replace it.  Great.

Just about then, a Toyota Avalon pulled up, and a man got out, asking me if I needed help or a ride.  Not shy to turn down the offer, I immediately accepted the ride.  His name was Tim, and he and his wife drove me all the way back to my house.  I am so grateful for that random act of kindness, and now, I get to pay it forward.

Tim, if you read this.....a big thank you to you and your wife!  I hope to see you out on the road someday!

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  1. what make this world spinning is kindness :)
    nice to meet you!