Saturday, July 7, 2012

Masses in Massachusetts

As already discussed in  What Would Duane Do?, the Cape Cod rail trail was swarming with people eager to ride, walk and run.  So many people were utilizing the path that it was reminiscent of the Oregon trail during the Great Migration!  There were people of every size, shape and age on vehicles of the same ilk. Even in the rain, the crowds did not diminish. So many people using this resource was wonderful sight to behold, yet one that presented hazards, as any high traffic situation.

The planners of the trail obviously anticipated such usage, as the trail was designed like more of a mini-highway than a rustic roll through the woods. Crisscrossing the many intersecting roads, riders and walkers had the right-of-way.  Road traffic had stop signs at these intersections, allowing the hikers and bikers to cross unhindered, (though it was wise to stop and check before crossing....not all drivers heeded the signs). There were even rotary circles...... ROTATORY CIRCLES.....on a bike path(!), with arrowed signs pointing to the various towns and sights. This signage reminded me of those in small European towns.  Pubs and restaurants advertised their establishments, with paved off shoots leading to their front doors and valet bike service.  The smell of frying seafood was tantalizing.

The trail runs 22 miles, ending at the beach.  Bikers with boogie boards and floats strapped to their bikes and backs flowed in that direction, like spring melt-off rushing down a mountainside. Ladened with their oversized burden, many were ungainly on their bikes as they pedaled in flip flops and swimsuits.  Children were plentiful, learning to ride with training wheels, as parents guided them. Older citizens rode adult trikes, often porting a small dog in a basket.  Fresh water beaches interspersed the trail, offering lockable bike racks and a cool respite from the riding.  And yet, despite all of this traffic, small bike groups, in full kits, raced up and down the trail, weaving in and out of the clumps of weekenders.

Awestruck is the word I would use to describe my reaction to this trail. There is much talk about the sedentary lifestyle of Americans, but this proves that the public will support and use resources like this...if available.  We need to see more of it!
Riders hitting the trail at one of the many trailheads...despite threatening weather
On the trail at last.
Audrey and Lisa from RI, who ran into me and provided comfort as I received the news about Duane.  Thank you.
Bikes parked as riders take respite at a restaurant.
Taking a break from riding.
Historical cemeteries.....
More cushioned dirt path for runners and horses.
What would a high traffic area be without advertising ?
Groups regathering and socializing.
Almost had the trail to myself....
Drink and ride??  Don't think so.  One of many pubs.
A rotatory circle!!
I kept thinking this said "Smile."  I was!
Pretty freshwater pond
Need a bike repair?  This trail-side bike shop can help.
Riders stop to chill and eat clams.
Lemonade for sale.....rain or shine.

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