Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I got up achy and tired this morning, but motivated by a donation from Amy Whaley, I went out and ran anyway. 


Today was a fartlek day...in other words, interval training.  I pushed through the first couple of fartleks, but the back side of the run became so painful, that I ended up walking most of the way home.  My knees had sharp pains in them, particularly the right one.  I felt a twinge of that last night after spin class, but today it was painful.  Perhaps I am reverting to my old running posture, which was very unhealthy.  More concerning was the muscle pain--it wasn't cramping, but more like the growing pains that I remember as a child.  Does this mean I am building muscle?   (fingers crossed)

 I probably didn't help my body last night by eating all those Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies.  But...... Oooohh--they were so good!!  MMMMM....  Today, I decided I better eat a little healthier and had yogurt and poached chicken breast for lunch. 

Besides, there weren't any cookies left.............


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