Friday, May 27, 2011

A Path Less Travelled.

If one were to put a gps on me to track my path, I am afraid it wouldn't make much sense.  I truly don't understand how someone with above average intelligence can have so much trouble following directions!  I even argue with the Garmin and, deciding that I am right, take the wrong turn.  (That truly is something that makes you go 'hmmm')  Obviously, today was no exception.  Our route should have only taken us 70 mile; I logged 85.  Sigh....  Thank goodness I can ride fast to compensate for the extra mileage.

It all started when I decided to ride the Great River Trail instead of sticking to the road. (We had a choice of two routes today).  I entered the trail at the Marshland trail head a few minutes behind Bev.  I could see her in front of me, but chose to hang back so I could experience the sounds and sights of nature alone.  The road was a loose gravel, but enough was worn away to make it ride-able, even on a road bike.  It was a feast for the eyes and ears.  
 The feeling of ecstasy described in that video clip was short lived. Bev and I wound our way through the park; coming to yet another fork in the road, we referred to the gps on my bike computer, and went left.  Soon, however, we realized that we were back where we had started....we had been going in circles, and I had not idea how to get to where we needed to be.  At that point, I knew how to get back on the road at the point at which I had left it.  I told Bev I was going back that way and taking the road into the hotel, (which was still was still about 35 miles away).  Bev, on the other hand, chose to continue trying to find her way on the trail.  I just felt like Hansel and Gretel in the evil woods, except I wasn't dropping bread crumbs.  So down the road I went, alone.  Somehow everything seems further and harder when cycling alone.  I rode without seeing anyone for so long that I began to wonder if I was lost, but finally, after making the last turn before coming to the SAG stop, I ran into Mary and Jeanette puzzling over the cue sheet.  None of us knew exactly where we were, more specifically, where the SAG was.  We knew where the hotel was, so that's where we headed...down a busy highway.  As we passed a Dairy Queen, out came the group with whom I had been riding before I decided to go on the trail.  We regrouped, and darn if we didn't get lost!!!  We rode the bike paths of most of LaCrosse, I think, before we found our way.  And that only happened because we got off the bike trails we were supposed to take, used my map app on my Iphone, and rode in on the street. 

Still no sign of Bev.....   She did come in some time after us, and said the trail was wonderful.

Marsh grasses in protected area

Turtle Crossing

Another Turtle crossing
For Diana....only the best designers in Winona
Beautiful county courthouse in Winona, MN
Gargoyle on the courthouse
Houses on docks on the Mississippi
We had to cross the bridge over the Mississippi to cross over to Wisconsin.  Anyone that knows me, knows how terrified I am of high bridges. This one had me in tears as we had to take the pedestrian walk way right next to the edge.  Even though there was no way I could fall in, I was hyperventilating and crying....a big thanks to Donna who walked beside me so I couldn't see the edge, and made me laugh all the way across.
Wheat...the variations of green were beautiful
Feminist movement in reverse.....
Going to bed...not going to proof read.  Let me know of any errors you might find.


  1. Interesting day, lost and then found. Love the photos.


  2. That wedding dress looks like it is totally diana's style!!!!!