Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It is the Journey....South Carolina

I left Dallas to escape the heat, knowing full well that the southeastern states would also be warm, but not the scorching heat of Dallas.  Unfortunately, the high temperatures have followed me, making these states unseasonably hot, and also very humid.  I find myself riding in temperatures higher than those I left.  As such, I adjust my riding schedule accordingly.......I ride as the sun is coming over the horizon. It does help, but I am always surprised at how quickly the mercury rises once the sun has risen.

South Carolina was a pretty ride, well marked by the local bike club.  To my misfortune, I did not have a key to symbols left on the pavement, so I found myself going in circles on many occasions. Around and around she goes, 10 miles here, 20 miles there, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200. It doesn't matter; the roads were smooth, the dogs were few and I was enjoying myself....mostly.

With this awful heat and humidity comes problems besides staying hydrated (and on route).  For me, it has been the re-occurrence of those awful saddle sores discussed and experienced in 2010..........   UGH.  All I can say is that I know how a baby with severe diaper rash must feel. Is it all right for me to cry like a baby?  UGH. It is painful to walk; maybe that is why babies crawl.  It even hurts to sleep. UGH.  I'll just have to deal with it, one way or another.  

Rushing back to the hotel before the check out witching hour, I showered, medicated my 'mess', then hit the road, leaving Greenville, SC before noon.  I hadn't even hit the city limit sign when my good friend, Mike Keel, called.  Telling him where I was, He suggested I stop by Hincapie Sportswear.  My first inclination was to say 'no', that I needed to get to my next ride destination; then it occurred to me that I was doing what I always do.....I get tunnel vision.

Part of this experience is for me to slow down and enjoy the journey instead of focusing only on the goal.  So noticing that I was falling into an old habit....a comfortable habit.... I pushed down my anxiety of not getting to my next venue and detoured to the Hincapie Headquarters. I got to meet some interesting folks, look at all of the yellow jerseys (how appropriate with the Tour just beginning) and leave with a Hincapie water bottle.  Upon leaving, noting that the excursion took all of 45 minutes, I noticed that the sky hadn't fallen, the earth was still in orbit and I had had an enriching experience.  

Yes, life is indeed the journey, not the destination.  That gets to be my mantra for this trip.

Just me and my shadow....

Check out this beautiful pavement and scenery!

I thought this tree was striking in it's solitude.

How weird is this fence these people are building?

I bet his neighbors are upset.  There were 6 of these strange posts.
Hincapie Sportswear

Look at all of those jerseys

Got me some swag!


  1. Hope the heat lets up soon. Thanks for the update! Joe R, PBA

  2. Sue - looks like a great time! Only mistake you made was not inviting me! :-) Stay in touch!