Monday, June 6, 2011

Indiana Nice

 I've had quite a day.  Afew blogs back, I talked about the 'best laid plans of mice and men", and the value in being flexible to unexpected events.  Today was such a day.

Being blonde, blue-eyed and with freckles, it is no stretch to say that I don't do well in the heat and sun.  Last Saturday was brutal, with the heat index reaching well above 100 degrees.  When we started to ride at 7:30 AM,  the temperature was already reading 85 degrees, so in an attempt to beat the worst of the heat, I pedaled with urgency, averaging around 20 mph for the first 30 miles.  The heat won out though, and by noon I was experiencing the onset of heat exhaustion, and had to quit at the 70 mile mark, falling 26 miles short of the end.

Since my effort to get in before the afternoon sun and heat failed so miserable on Saturday, I chose a different tactic today, as it was supposed to go from  "warm, to sticky, then muggy" (according to the local Indiana weather report).  Today I rode at a more leisurely pace, enjoying the company of the other women.  The faster pace wasn't effective in beating the heat, so maybe a slower pace would be.  It was certain to be more pleasurable since I had someone to talk to as I rode!  The morning went by quickly, with a nice easy pace.  Around mile 47 (out of 70), we stopped at a stop sign; I heard a rather odd 'snap' come from some where on my bike.  I looked for the source, but couldn't find it, and decided I must have just run over something the ricocheted off my bike.  We continued on, and as I was half way down a wonderful descent, I heard a loud sound, reminiscent of the sound of childhood-- of playing cards fastened to the fork of the bike so they make a flipping sound on the spokes.  That's not a good sound.  I was able to stop without incident, knowing that sound was because I had a broken spoke.  My ride for the day was over....   I pushed my bike to a nearby home, and asked the owner, and elderly, shirtless man, if I could sit in the shade of his front porch while I waited for the SAG vehicle to pick me up.  "Of course', he said.  So I sat down in a plastic chair next to his ashtray....obviously his smoking spot....pulled out the baggie I keep my driver's license, credit card, money and my cell phone in so I could call Bob and get his advice.  I had barely said 'hello' when the gentleman emerged, still shirtless, from the house, followed by his wife, who had no teeth and was carrying a Papillon puppy.  My goodness they were proud of the little fellow, who they named Pappy.  They had had him for two weeks, and they glowed as they talked about him.  Of course, I jumped up to admire and cuddle him, and we all sat on the porch, as I waited for the SAG to come.  He was telling me all about Pappy, she was smoking a long brown cigarette (guess it was her smoking spot), and Pappy was chewing on my bike glove.  (Good thing it is padded he had sharp teeth).  They could not have been kinder, offering me food and water, and listening in amazement as I told them about my ride and the other women doing it.  Soon Rita came, and after taking their picture and thanking them, we were on our way.
Indiana Nice....with baby Pappy room mate tonight, Lea Adams, from Australia, has gone to bed, so I must sign off for now.... there is more, ALOT more to this story so....stay tuned....
Lea is zonked out...


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