Friday, June 17, 2011

Men.....of Cloth

I was the SAG driver last Thursday, and at the second sag stop, I chose a little convenience store in Barcelona, NY.  As I stood there waiting for the riders to begin flowing in, a man from a blue minivan crossed the parking lot, wearing a white sweatshirt and eating Combo pretzels.  As he drew closer, I noticed his sweatshirt said "SAG Wagon Driver".

"What a cool sweatshirt', I thought, "Wonder where he got it"

As he drew closer, we began a conversation about  SAGging and for whom we were sagging.  He was supporting 3 of his friends, who were riding a century (100 miles) that day; he often did that for them and as a gift of appreciation, one of the riders gave him the sweat shirt.  He introduced himself as Skip, and I told him I really liked his sweatshirt, and if I couldn't convince him to sell it to me, I might have to take it off of him.  Some good-natured bantering ensued about the previous comment, and continued as his riders came in, all smiling.

 "Hi Father!" one of the said, as he pulled up.

I looked at him, and then at Skip , and knew that they were not father and son.  Asking Skip about it, Skip popped a Combo into his mouth and answered

"Oh, I'm the parish priest"                 

Good one, Sue....I had just told a priest I was going to undress him......
Skip in his cool SAG wagon driver sweatshirt

"Support can be beautiful"

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  1. Leave it to you to flirt with a priest!! That's a cute story :)
    <3 Your Secret Friend