Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lack of Activity

When I don't blog, that is usually a good indication that I am tired....or too busy....but mostly tired.  I was puzzled today at my lack of energy.  Yes, I rode 80 miles yesterday, but it was an easy 80 mles.  Today, I was 'boinking'  by the 50 mile mark.  Yes, there was a constant headwind, but that shouldn't account for being sooooooooo tired.  Spinning is spinning despite the wind....sometimes you go fast, sometimes you go slow with the same amount of effort.  (It's just a drag to expend the same amount of effort and not go as far in the same amount of time).  So what was the difference?   Well.....this is where some of us went after a fantastic, and quick ride yesterday.....
Has the longest bar in Illinois, dating back to 1898.  It is one of the last remaining, and original Pabst Blue Ribbon bars
Me, Donna, Bev and Mary, each enjoying a different brew on tap.  Of course, I had a Shiner Bock

Blurred picture of all the handles at the bar.....this was taken BEFORE I had anything.

Is it possible to avoid a DUI this way?

Original 1898 mahogany bar, with original Pabst Blue Ribbon signage.

An original brass spitoon--it's now a tip jar

Original tile flooring, origianl tin ceiling, and wall paper from the 1920

Yea, we're still at it.....(we only had two)
So now my little secret is out.  We missed lunch by 15 minutes and had to settle for popcorn and beer.  The bar was quite lovely; "Imported from Belgium, this bar was built by Pabst Blue Ribbon in 1898. John P. Brady was the original owner; his initials are still etched in the front door glass. The Mahogany mirrored bar spans fifty feet, with hand carved figurines at each end. It is also accented with the original brass fixtures. Detailed carved lion heads are throughout the building. Along the wall are small buzzers topped with tiny eagles that were used to summon a waiter to the customers. While overhead is an embossed tin ceiling. Stained-glass and leaded windows enhance the 19th century atmosphere. The brass footed pedestal tables are still here, as is the teller cage where men would cash their paychecks, and then come in for a drink. The brass spittoons are now used as tip jars behind the bar. Years ago when women were not allowed in the taverns, the men would have to take their lady friends upstairs to drink. Their drinks were then sent up to them via the dumbwaiter, which still works today."  

Now, getting back to my poor performance yesterday was 80 miles on a very light breakfast, followed by a liquid lunch, then a light dinner of a brat and coleslaw.  This morning, I had yogurt and a 1/3 cup of scrambled eggs with a flour tortilla.  Breakfast was skimpy--the hotel lady didn't restock any of the food, and we came in after a road crew had eaten.... most things were gone.   Looking at the quality and quantity of the food I ate......well, there's my answer.  So if anyone is wondering, what one eats definitely affects performance.

Of course, when one rides through a windmill farm, one has to pause and go 'hmmmm'....perhaps mother nature also had a hand in the fatigue.  There is, after all, a reason all those windmills are out there.
This was taken from a great distance.  I liked the contrast of how old farming meets new farming.....

What would have been my first clue that it would be windy here?  Things that make you go 'hmmm'

I rode alone today, and saw no one from our tour for hours.  I spent so much time in my drops, (that's the part of the handlebar that curls under), that my back really began to complain (I have a bulging disk).  About noon, after several hours of steady riding, I decided to break for lunch and settled under a big maple tree to eat my peanut butter sandwich. I laid back on the velvety lawn to stretch my back, and enjoyed looking up into the tree and sky.  It took my back to my childhood; how wonderful to slow down, and just enjoy the moment.  So, let's take a minute and play a childhood I was looking up into the branches, I saw something....."I spy something brown..."  Do you see it?
Can you find it....
At first I thought it was a hornet's nest
But looking from a different angle, I saw it was a bird's nest; from the looks of it, the inhabitants got knocked out.  Su Snyder can probably tell me what bird built this.
Also bringing back childhood memories was this playground toy; not many of these are around anymore.  Too much liability, I guess; funny, even though we did get thrown off and sick, I don't remember anyone getting seriously injured.  I still get a little nauseous thinking about these....
A merry-go-round!!  When was the last time you saw one of these?
This picture is for my children and anyone else of that generation that had a Cozy Coupe...that wonderful orange and yellow Fred Flinstone in farm country, they come in a little different style
A Cozy Coupe Pickup Truck!!  Things that make you go 'hmmmm' or good marketing?
Finally--just a feel good picture.  These two are best friends, according to their owner.

This was a 'bucket' calf....anyone know what a bucket calf is?
Gotta run....dinner draws near and I still need to update the Toilet page


  1. I know what a bucket calf is, imagine that!! This calf drinks from a bucket instead of from it's mom. Poor calf, he's pretty scrawny, and is probably only a few days old by looking at him. So Sue, did you see the bucket?? It probably had a nipple on it for him to drink from. Would have been fun if you had volunteered to feed it. What happened to his mom? Did she die during calving or end up with mastitis instead?? Thanks for sharing this pic, brings back very fond memories of growing up on a farm....spring was always my favorite time of year because of all the newborn animals. Donna Tlusty

  2. looks like you ladies had fun at the bar---just think, back in the day none of you would have been allowed in there! Hooray for the feminist movement! I'm surprised you didn't get PBR at that place, seeing as how it is a PBR bar, and all!
    Looks like you have had a good couple of days. You should pack more peanut butter sandwiches to take with you so you have some energy!!
    Love, Your Secret Friend

  3. Ahhh, somebody beat me to the bucket calf!! Also called that because it's mother has "kicked the bucket>" not really, I just made that up.........but it could be true.


  4. Loved the Cozy Coupe!!