Friday, February 26, 2010

The Fifty Pound Decison

Standing in front of my 'pile' of things to pack, I am overwhelmed......  Only fifty pounds of it can go, and that includes all my bike equipment.  What to choose, what to pack?  That is the decision, or rather, lack of decision.  Emails have been flying these last few days between participants looking for the same answers, and adding to the chaos of my own thoughts.  Some are putting racks and panniers on their bikes; others are adding fenders: some are bringing ear plugs (in case we have some ‘loud’ sleepers) and others feel waterproof socks are a must. This strange weather is also contributing to the lack of clarity….will it continue to be unseasonably cold and wet, or hot and humid, as in years past?  What to bring, what to bring?

....Margaritas are sounding like a good idea right now…..


  1. I love it..... your vulnerability and telling your story

    good luck with the packing.......freak out time
    I do have my cycling gear together and my bike is in the box
    now just the street clothes

  2. you can always cut off long sleeved shirts
    and cut off pants into shorts...if you take scissors

  3. Here's the answer

  4. don't forget to pack your stanford jersey :) i'm so excited for you. love you mom!

  5. p.s. sorry I contributed to your feet getting bigger and having to special order your shoes :)