Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Should Probably Start Packing.....

A week from today I will have just met the women with whom I will be riding.....a few hours after that meeting, we will begin our journey across the southern portion of America.  We will travel from 'sea to shining sea', literally.  I should probably be nervous; I should probably be packing......   I am neither.  I am calm, and quite looking forward to this sojourn, as I am sure it is going to be quite transformational.

When I originally registered for the ride, my intent was to be one of the faster riders, in the front of the pack; that is where I like to ride. I have never cared much for 'back of the pack' riding and socializing.  I like to go fast--my ego likes it, too.   Injury,holidays,illness and procrastination got in the way of my training for the trip, so being a 'faster' rider isn't a reality.  I am quite unprepared physically, but I am rather glad of that--it will force me to slow down. 

Being so results driven has deprived me of noticing all the small, but meaningful moments going on around me.  In chasing results, I fail to experience my experience.  I fail to make full connections with other people.  So my lack of preparation for this trip has allowed me to shift my intention from speeding through the terrain to savoring each moment--a real change for me.  I get to really drink it all in, fully experiencing my experience and  fully connect with the other women on the trip.

There will be thirty of us....thirty women pedaling 3100 miles in 58 days. I am looking forward to meeting each one.  In taking on this challenge, these are women who live life big, who have vision, and take committed action to achieve their vision.  These are not women who sit in front of the TV having the 'woulda, shoulda, coulda" conversation--these women are 'doers'. What adventures we are going to have!  

And while I am speaking about 'doing', first things first..... I have to pack......

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