Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rubber Chickens and Opportunity.

Today, my focus was to get organized and ready to go--that included taking care of personal and professional business, packing, getting taxes done, etc, but those rubber chickens kept popping up.

I have been working almost a month to get an investment property to close.....(the seller's misplaced the deed).  Today, I got a call that it will close tomorrow at 10 AM--I am thrilled it is finally closing, but the timing is rotten. I am scrambling to get everything in place for tomorrow as well as making sure the rehab plans are ready to go as well as finding someone to oversee it while I am gone.  Run, run, run.  It will all work out, but I can't be attached to how it gets other words, I have to let go of control and trust....

Then I got fitted for my bike; I do this every year so my comfort levels are optimized (my joints and muscles thank me)  I had a lot of changes this year--shortened the stem, pushed back the brake levers, tilted the handle bars up, raised the seat, moved my clips......  Now I understand why I had so many aches and pains while riding last year; I wasn't fitted to my bike properly...and I just thought I was getting old!  The big shocker, however,  was discovering that my shoes (purchased last year) are a size too big and the clips were in the wrong position.  NO WONDER I GET HOT SPOTS!!  How did this happened?!  I went to a very reputable store and person, at considerable expense, to ensure everything fit properly last year....oh well....I am fitted now and should be very comfortable.  I'll go out this weekend to find out....

It is too late to get different shoes--no one has my size in stock and I leave on Tuesday.  After having four kids, my feet are really wide and I have to special order my shoes.....and in men sizes.....  If you saw my current shoes,(the ones that are too big),  you would agree that they look like clown shoes.
That's what I get for not getting fitted sooner.  If I had done this 2 weeks ago, I would have new shoes today.....but then again, if I had done it 2 weeks ago, none of the changes made today might have been noticed.  So, I'll just roll (sic) with it, and see if I can order some shoes online and get them overnighted to me. If not, I will be fine.

Moral to this story--Don't wait until the last minute....plan your work and work your plan.  And if your plans do go awry, trust that all will be ok.  Flex and bend.

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  1. hey you finally got started on your blog
    very cool....... I copied the itinerary from Joann's blog

    the shoe story concerns me, I should have bought new ones
    the Bontrager shoe seems to fit pretty well and I have wide feet also
    see ya soon