Sunday, February 28, 2010

Can a Cat Catch Its Tail?

It’s a rhetorical question, but can it?  Today, I felt like that cat….I never did catch my tail, but as the evening grows late, I am catching my breath.  Breath deeply………….exhale.  It will all get done, and if it doesn’t….oh, well.

I found the bike shoes I need online.  I ordered them yesterday, to be overnighted to me.  Cudos to the young man in upstate New York that took my order.  He said that 12 inches of snow had just been dumped on them and he didn't even know if UPS was going to send their trucks out. He promised he would get them to me no matter what, and he did. They arrived this morning before I had even finished my coffee.  I am very appreciative and impressed!

Here is something to do these companies come up with the names to designate the various sizes in equipment?    I have Sidi  'mega' shoes and my saddle is designated 'plus'....kinda gives a girl a complex, if you know what I mean.  {{Sigh}}

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