Monday, March 1, 2010

Well, I missed yesterday, so here is a quick synopsis........

It started with a nice leisurely ride with Bob and my daughter, Susan.  This was her maiden ride on her new bike, and the first time she has used clips!  We rode about 22 miles at an easy pace, on a route that had a lot of stop signs and lights so she was forced to practice clipping in and out.  She rode beautifully--no spills at all, which is something I can't claim on my first ride using clips, or others following.

The weather was a gorgeous 63 degrees with a very strong wind out of the south.  Susan commented on the wind, and I told her to get used to it; we are in Texas after all.  (So fellow Southern Tier riders, you've been is always windy here).  A pit stop at Starbucks refueled us for the remainder of the ride.  Truly an enjoyable morning!

The morning ride had two purposes. The first was to go out with Susan and Bob.  The other was to do a final check on the bike mechanics and to check out my NEW shoes......the story with the shoes continues.  THEY DIDN'T FIT!!  They were the right size and right product, but they didn't fit in the width like the ones at the bike store (that were a size too big but that should not have affected the shoe width).  So after the ride, I went directly to the bike shop....didn't even shower, just went all sweaty. (Despite how I looked and smelled some weirdo guy at the bike shop hit on me.....Ian, who was helping me, laughed hysterically).  Anyway, the long and the short of the shoe saga (or should I say the wide and the thin) is that Sidi's sizing isn't consistent from year to year, and the shoe I actually purchased online was not this year's shoe.  Hence, the misfit.  {{SIGH}}.  Ian got me fitted in another pair of Specialized, so now I have two pair to take with me. Despite his glee at my 'close encounter of the weird kind', he is the greatest! Ask for him if you go to Bikes Inc.

So that was yesterday.....and I still haven't packed!

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