Thursday, April 22, 2010

90 on the 90 (April 22: Day 50--Marianna, FL)

Not much to say about today as it was fairly uneventful; we did 90 miles on US 90. We started at 6:30 AM to take advantage of the cool morning weather and I was finished round 1:30 --and that includes bathroom stops and a 45 minute wait at a gas station so I could get more sunscreen out of the SAG. (5 hours and 44 minutes of actual riding time, aka saddle time). Waiting for the SAG was worth it, though,  just to get a picture of the two; now this is the way to travel.

Early into the ride, I had stopped at a little Mom and Pop restaurant to use the bathroom and get some more water.  I've been chased by dogs, but never by a duck until I coasted in to park. This guy (girl?) flapped its wings and chased me as I got off my bike. I am not sure how threatened I actually was....

I scooted into the restaurant, where there were several older couples eating breakfast consisting of fried eggs and home fries.  (I say 'older' couples, but they probably weren't much older than me....I just haven't gotten used to the fact that I am a card-carrying AARP member!). As I left, with a full water bottle and empty bladder, the duck was gone, but I spied the source of her agitation.....

She had laid all these eggs in a flower basket by the door I had wonder she was upset.....Now, things that make you 'hmmm'--I wonder what the people inside were really eating.  I wonder what they thought they were eating!  Glad I only got water! And that, folks, was the highlight of the day, occurring at 9:30!

I thought Florida was perfectly flat, but today was filled with gentle hills; rollers of 5% grades or less.  I had once thought that riding on flat land was ideal, but I have discovered that it is quite boring and monotonous.  I am not sure I like the big climbs I experienced earlier in the trip,(--perhaps with more practice I would--), but I now know I do not like FLAT flat.  The gentle rollers of today were perfect--just enough to keep me awake, but not taxing enough to tire me.  I must admit, I was surprised by their presence; I truly was under the misconception that all of Florida was flatland, weren't you?

Time to sign off--dinner calls.  See you all (well, some of you) in 8 days!

94 miles

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  1. Dude, that is the ugliest looking duck I've ever seen. It looks like it stuck its head in a blender!
    And for what it's worth, I was thinking the same thing about the duck eggs and the diner's meals. Great minds think alike!

    -your (similarly minded) secret friend