Friday, April 16, 2010

If I Could Talk to the Animals, Learn Their Languages....

Animals I have encountered the past few days....(be sure to double click on the pictures to open them all the way)

The Peacock in St Francisville

This is his backside--he uses the medium sized feathers to make his tail feathers shake.  It
sounds like a rattle when he does it.

Sleepy kitty in St Francisville

Ponies in a field of flowers

Skippy at the Global Wildlife Center. (We hitched a ride in)  He fell out of his mother's pouch when he was about the size of a newborn kitten; the staff didn't know to whom he belonged, so they hand raised him.

Very curious young horses--beautiful

Some kind of cloven footed deer--he thought my camera was something to eat.

Zebra to the same farm

Miscellaneous Pictures

Out of old comes new....

Out of new comes old

Azaleas--they are in full bloom right now--> beautiful

Angel in historic cemetery, St Francisville

Live Oaks at the Butler Greenwood Plantation


  1. NIce- I like the picture of you in the flowers. And the peacock is beautiful!

  2. There is a whole song about shaking your tail feather. I think its by nelly. You shouldve danced with the peacock. And cool pic of the tree and you with the flowers!
    -your secret fiend