Friday, April 16, 2010

Smells Like Roses... (April 16: Day 44--Wiggins, MS)

Last night was spent in one of those 'close to no star' hotel...the Traveler's Rest. HA!   When my room mate, Suzanne, arrived, she immediately said "Oh, this stinks!"  She meant literally... She went on to say that it smelled like the bathroom of a third world country-- (Now she would know--she's rode her bike around the world in 2005)--like sewer gas.  I didn't smell anything.

I had a hard time sleeping last night....tossed and turned.  I dreamed that I was with a group of people and one of them really badly that it woke me up.  Looking at the clock, I saw it was just after midnight, and that the bathroom light was on and the door was open....and something did stink.  I figured maybe dinner was had 'disagreed' with my roomie, and that was what I smelling, (it's happened before...)  I got up and closed the door.  Not able to sleep, I stayed up and read.  The odor kept getting stronger and stronger.  Suzanne was right!  Sewer gases were escaping into our room.  Phew!  I tried to sleep, but every few minutes I awoke to the thought that the methane, sulpher and other gases were going to asphyxiate us as we slumbered.  I could see the headlines now:
"The Deadliest SBD on Record:
Women Die in Sleep As Sewer Gas Overcomes Them"

Finally, I did fall into a restless sleep, and woke before the alarm clock sounded.  Suzanne was up too and also commented on the odor. 
 "It's not me!" I proclaimed.  
"Well, it certainly isn't me!  I'm telling you our room is full of sewer gas!" she countered.

We opened the door to air the room out, and were hit full force by the overwhelming odor of Hell.......supher, methane, who knows what--it was beyond description.  Others milling around were making similar comments...'What stinks?"

Turns out that Bogolusa has a pulp mill.....that is what we were smelling.  They should rename the city Gagalusa!

 55 miles to Bagalusa, LA
52 miles to Wiggins, MS


  1. Yuk- Breathe through your mouth!!!

  2. If you breathe through your mouth then you taste the nastiness instead of just smelling it.
    Question--how does one ride their bike around the world? Puts a new meaning to paddle boat.
    -your secret friend

  3. I remember that smell...similar to Franklinton the day before. Yeah, Louisiana is odiferous!