Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bobbert Came to Town

We had a rest day last weekend in Kerrville; it marked the midpoint of the tour and many husbands and friends came to visit  Bob was one of those visitors, bringing his bike to ride as well.  He also brought me a NEW rolling duffle bag.  If you remember one of my first posts, it was about I agonized over what to bring. Well, Bob took most of what I packed home with him.  Two 'body bag' sized duffles went home with him, and I now have one partially filled rolling duffle.  God Bless that man!
Bag Number One homeward bound

He also spent time doing bike maintenance on 'Baby' as well as lending a hand to some of the other ladies, offering suggestions and playing chauffeur, driving us to the laundermat, hair and nail appointments, the bike shop and other places of need..... It was nice having a token male around!

Bob rode with us from Kerrville to Blanco.  It was supposed to be a 68 miler, but we added extra miles because I got lost--a few extra miles and rollers never hurt anyone.....right?  We flew through those hills!!  It was a pleasant day, though I think Bob was sandbagging when he said he was out of shape...he sure left me in his dust, and I have been riding for the last month!

<-------Bob doing synchronized bench sitting as I tried to get to directions to where we were SUPPOSED to be......yes, I am directionally challenged.  I got the directions from a local, then immediately went the wrong way.  If Bob hadn't been there to correct my error, I would have been even more lost.

With gas at only $.44/gallon, riding in a car seemed mighty tempting at this point.------------------------------->

Laundry, DairyQueen, a great bottle of wine and dinner with the tour finished out a fine day.

The next day was Easter; I had forgotten my pillow in Kerrville and since Bob's car was there I was able to  go back to get it.  Lucky me--it is a special orthopedic pillow, and I have had no neck problems on this trip because of it.  Had he not been here, I would have had to go without it.  That being the case, I didn't ride today, but Bob did.  He had a great time riding up and down the rollers and getting to know some of the women on the tour.  I caught up with him around the 40 or 50 mile mark and we drove into Bastrop together.  This was not one of the favorite rides of the group--bad traffic, bad road surface, bad manners--all the good Christians on their way to church were evidently waving to our riders....the one finger wave.  Our best rider, (IMO), Pam, had a spill on the 'textured' road and ended up with some bad road rash.  Read Lynn's blog for that day--she tells a hilarious story of the Easter Sunday ride to Bastrop.

All too soon, it was time for Bob to leave......he left in his car...with all my unnecessary stuff.....and I followed shortly behind on my bike...he towards Dallas and me towards LaGrange.  We both got to our destinations around the same time...... different mileage, but same timing.  Funny how that worked.


  1. Aww that's so nice Bob came to see you. I bet it was nice to ride with your old training partner! And it sounds like he took good care of all you ladies, and your bike. Good job Bob!
    But Sue, really, try to stop getting lost! You're going to not find your way back to the group one of these times and be stuck entertaining yourself at the World's Smallest Musuem for the rest of your life!
    -your (and Bob's) secret friend.

  2. lol--that's funny!! Now just to find that little person.........