Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beltin' It Out in the Bible Belt

The deep South has long been known as the "Bible Belt".  There are as many churches here as there are pickup trucks.  I have seen  huge mega-churches to tiny little country churches, barely able to support themselves, judging from the state of their building. The most typical churches have been the two to three hundred member size. Almost all have marquees outside advertising upcoming events or with clever sayings and quotes.  I have gotten quite a chuckle from a few of them.  I have often wondered if they have a book from which they get these quotes, just as I have long wondered if the minister writes his own sermon, or if the main office (Heaven? ) provides him with a basic outline to follow.  At any rate, I have gathered a few of the sayings that the riders and I have seen on our travels.  Enjoy.....
  • How will you spend eternity--smoking or nonsmoking
  • This is a ch_ _ch.  What is missing?
  • Wal-mart is not the only saving place.  (Wal-mart was across the street)
  • Forgive your enemies--it messes with their heads (I love this one)
  • In the dark?  Follow the Son
  • No God--No Peace.  Know God--Know Peace
  • Why let the government take all your money; we only want 10%
  • Soul food served here.
  • "My last name is not Dammit!"--God

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  1. hahaha these are funny. I bet you saw lots of cool/quirky things like this along the road. My favorite is the one about Walmart because I got a really good visual of people parking their Walmart carts outside the church, full of plastic bags blowing in the breeze with the big Roll-Back smiley face on them!! Wal-Mart then church-It's like back-to-back savings!

    -your secret friend.