Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So...... (April 27: Day 55--High Springs, FL)

'Some days you are ahead, some days you are behind. The race is long, and in the end, it is only with yourself"  ~~ Mary Schmich

So.....as this journey draws to an end, I have stopped to reflect upon where I've been, what I've seen and what I have experienced.  To be honest, I had to flip back through some of my pictures to remember the earliest days; it seems like yesterday that we were all strangers at Dog Beach in San Diego and yet it seems like an eternity.  So......I ask myself,  "What have I learned??"

I have learned:
  • I can stay in a really nasty no-star motel and survive.
  • I can now blow snot rockets like a pro.
  • I learned that the only failure is in not trying
  • I learned there are many ways to look at a situation.  How I chose to see it determines if it becomes an opportunity or obstacle.
  • I have learned that the middle class seems to be disappearing, and there is a marked discrepancy between the 'haves' and the 'have nots'
  • I learned that I can change a flat tire.
  • I learned that tofu isn't as bad as I thought it was, especially when I am hungry.
  • I learned not to bring any snacks into the hotel room at night....I will eat them even if I am not hungry.
  • I learned, that for me, 'smelling the roses' is doing what I enjoy doing and might be different for someone else.
  • I learned to let go of the need to control.
  • I learned not to have expectations.
  • I learned to embrace and live in the moment.
  • I learned not to ignore my body when it sends me signals, or I will suffer later.
  • I learned AZO is great for killing the pain of a UTI infection.
  • I learned I can get away with not washing my jersey every night, but two days is the limit before people complain.
  • I have learned to believe in myself and trust my abilities; they won't let me down, but self doubt will surely sabotage me. 
  • I learned that it was a really good idea to bring my own pillow.
  • I learned to let go of judgment and embrace the unique gifts of each person; I learned that others may not be able to do this, and that is ok--there are lessons to be learned from that, too. 
  • I learned there are many ways to do something,and everyone has an opinion.
  • I learned to use the bathroom when one was available or do it in nature.
  • Sunscreen is my friend; margaritas are not.
  • I learned that you get what you spend when it comes to bike shorts.
  • I learned nothing is insurmountable if broken into smaller pieces.
  • I learned how to drink from a water bottle without breaking the rhythm of my cadence.
  • I learned how to climb ascents.
  • I learned that what may appear to be a shack to me is someone's dream house.
  • I learned the importance of a courtesy flush.
I am sure there are other things that I will remember that I learned....   Thank you for sharing this journey with me!

76 miles


  1. Hang in there--only a couple more days. I'm proud of you. And who knows, maybe there's another lesson along the way?

    And here's one more thing you forgot to add to the list:
    Love you, Mom.
    Your (not so) secret (anymore) friend

  2. I love you, Jenny! Thanks for all your supportive comments and for making this so much fun. You really had me fooled! Love you~~Mom

  3. Jenny~~~really??? I thought it was Bob

  4. LOL--SURPRISE!!! Mom actually figured it out awhile ago (when she blogged about the lady who collected all things albino and I asked if the woman tried to add Mom to the collection). But she was a good sport and played along with my anonymity the rest of the time! It was fun!

  5. like billy crystal said in the movie you'll know IT when you find IT>>>>GOOD JOB