Friday, March 5, 2010

And I Thought I Was Being So Clever!

Remember my earlier post, the one where I was patting myself on the back for shipping my wheeled duffel bag in my bike box to our last stop.....well, I left things in it that I needed.  Arrghh....guess I don't need the stuff or it wouldn't be headed to Florida......{{sigh}}  Oh well, no big deal....  Bob brought my bags down to have them pre-weighed to see where I stood weight-wise.  I am well within the limits, but the trip coordinator just sorta looked at them with an open mouth.

"Really," I exclaimed, "Its not as bad as it looks!" 

She didn't reply and just contiuned to stare. So back to the room I went and jettisoned more items.  Poor Bob has become a pack mule!

Today, I meet all my fellow travelers at orientation and later a workshop and dinner. There are 24 of us.. The median age of the group seems to be early my calculations (and you all know my math skills), that would make me one of the spring chicks (sic) in the group. My internal voices, of course, are telling me that being in the lower age bracket, I should be one of the stronger riders...........I say, "Well, voices, thank you for your opinion, but I am on this ride to "experience my experience" and savor it;  I am not here to ride competitively and be concerned about "looking good".

So, that being said, let the party begin!


  1. that thing with the wheeled duffel is soooo you! And that's why I love you. Have an amazing time and it's ok to go slow--you'll enjoy it more and your body will thank you the next day. (and seeing as you have very few days off, you want your body to be happy).
    merry riding.
    <3 your secret friend.

  2. Ooooooh la la! You have a secret friend!

  3. Those mountains you just climbed were the hardest part of the trip for me. It just gets better every day from here on. I support your idea of enjoyment. Go easy and enjoy your country. After all what do you have to do if you reach the hotel early in the day---laundry? I chose to follow you since we are fellow Texans. I live about 150 miles south in Crockett. Say hi to Carol and Linda. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. This is a wonderful adventure.