Monday, March 15, 2010

Beware the Ides of March.....(March 15:Day 12--Safford, AZ)

It was a long 75 mile day in the saddle---long 3-4% rollers and major head winds.  Tired.  Major equipment malfunction, so I will be sagging tomorrow (bad shorts....have to give the backside a chance to heal).  Never had trouble with those shorts before...beware the ides of March

Tomorrow is an early day, as well as another long one.  We cross into New Mexico and will lose an hour, so we are starting early.  Mary, my room mate for tonight, is already asleep, and I am about to follow her example.  I will blog tomorrow...standing up.

75 miles


  1. Good call. You have to let your hoohaw heal if you want to survive the rest of the trip! i've found that icy hot can help with the pain. just be verrrry careful when applying it....enjoy the day of rest!
    -your secret friend.

  2. Good call on resting your behind. There is nothing more miserable than riding with a sore butt except having to bicycle on Route 66

  3. Secret Friend: Icy hot sounds like a TERRIBLE idea!!!

  4. I second Diana--icey-hot sounds like a veerrry painful experience, unless you're into that kind of thing (secret friend=kinky friend!)....

    mom--feel free to delete this comment if it is deemed too racy. i just couldn't resist!
    love you lady!