Monday, March 22, 2010

A Perfect Day......

Today was a perfect day for riding....albeit cold, initially, but perfect otherwise.  The skies were the bluest of blues, empty of any clouds, the wind was gone, and the grade was flat or slightly negative. We rode through mile after mile of pecan orchards--who knew that New Mexico grew pecans.  It was a beautiful ride, with the trees overhanging the road.

 Some things just make you go 'hhmmm', others make you smile.   Rare is the case when both happen simultaneously, but the following made me laugh out loud.  I really think those New Mexicans have the right idea about things, and I admire that they are willing to take a stand for common decency.  It's about time someone did something about this!

Another crop that New Mexico grows is cotton; Arizona grows it, too.  In fact, we went through Pima, AZ a few days know...Pima cotton??  The growing season hasn't started yet, so this plant is left over from last year and the first that I have seen.  Look closely at the picture.  I have read articles about how brutal picking cotton is in slave accounts as well as sharecropper stories.  After seeing these plants up close, I can really understand how hard and painful it must have been to have had to gather cotton by hand.

Rather makes a mockery of the expression, "cotton soft".

In El Paso, we encountered the border fence.  Did you know that it was electrified??  I didn't--wow!  It runs right along the highway, and feels like it separates the town.  Between the fence and the neighboring Mexican town is about a football field width of 'no man's land' illuminated by huge lights and monitored by the Border Patrol.  I am not sure what I think about all of this--seems like overkill, especially if it isn't working.  Things that make you go 'hmmm'

 Every single post made by others today talks of the perfection of today's ride.  And it was... unfortunately, that problem I had before (you know....) is back, and bad enough that I elected to get off at mile 20 (it was a 65 miles day) and sag in.  {{SIGH}}  This really is not how I planned to make this ride....sitting in a car, uncomfortably, I might add.  Yes.....I was having a big pity party and everyone was invited. Poor me, poor me, poor me.  But with every obstacle comes opportunity, if one seeks to recognize it.  So, put away the pity party. By sagging, I have the opportunity of supporting and cheering on those riding--and seeing a different aspect of the trip.  So I get to put away what my expectations of this trip were and embrace just the moment as it occurs....what wonderful surprises do you think will be in store for me?

It's late--I need to go to bed.....

65 miles

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