Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mama Didn't Raise No Fool.(March 7: Day 4-Brawley, CA)

Last night I went to bed with the whirl of Border Patrol aircraft buzzing overhead, and this morning I woke to the steady ping-ping-ping of rain bouncing off the roof.  It was only 6:30 (that's A.M., folks) and I knew, just knew, that I was not going to ride today.  Mama didn't raise no fool....!  Plus, I promised my children that I would ride safely, and, for me, today's ride would not honor that promise. So I enjoyed a leisurely coffee while waiting for the riders to depart. There were six of us who chose to SAG rather than brave the elements.

The first 10 miles of today's ride was a descent of 3000 ft with strong crosswinds on a Highway the rain.   Mmmm-mmmmm; Mama didn't raise no fool......

Because of the weather, however, most riders chose to begin their ride at the bottom of the descent, which is the start of the Yuma Desert. 

Now, you must forgive my ignorance, but when I think of the desert, I think 'hot....dry....sand....', certainly not the snow that we found ourselves driving least I was in the comfort of a warm van.  Yessir....Mama didn't raise no fool.
As we drove to Brawley, our stop for the night, the sun came out; the Saggers all began to feel a bit of remorse for duffing it, as the ride was on wonderfully smooth pavement, at sea level with only occasional rollers. Maybe Mama did raise a fool......but as we turned north, the road suddenly dissolved into poorly maintained chipseal and the rain was back....Yes, Mama didn't raise no fool.....

Moral to the story: Trust your intuition.......  Mama didn't raise no fool.

67 miles


  1. Glad you played it safe. It's better to miss a day now than to get hurt and miss the rest of the trip. (And let's be are a bit accident prone, so good call:) ) Keep trusting that intuition and enjoy the warm trips in the van--it gives you an opportunity to talk to the other women on the trip without being completely winded!
    Here's a fun fact about the desert--it gets cold at night.... So bundle up!
    <3 your secret friend.

  2. Dear <3secret your comments. Who are you?

  3. I'll never tell!! (but you're clever so you will probably figure it out on your own. Give me a call when you know!). And yes, I realize this comment narrows down the suspect to someone in your phone...Just a little game to keep your mind working while you stare at pretty butterflies!
    -your secret friend