Monday, March 22, 2010

On a Mission (March 22: Day 19--Ft Hancock)

I don't have much time....we are staying at another 'no star' motel, and the internet is very intermittent.  We are in Fort Hancock tonight.  There is no fort here...there was one here in 1881....probably about the same time this motel was built.
 It is pretty much a 'dead' or dying of many I have seen in my travels.  Fort Hancock played a prominent part in the movie The Shawshank Redemption, as the place where both Andy and Red crossed into Mexico after leaving prison.  There is a port of entry here; that means that there is a gate in the fence where people can cross the border.  The Border Patrol is very heavy--looking out my window tonight I saw three BP cars arresting a car load of people.

Today's ride took us down the "Mission Trail", where there are several old missions that can be visited.  We skipped the first one--it was only a few miles into the ride, and we just didn't want to stop that soon.  The second one had a funeral mass in process, so we also did not visit it.
The third, we never found.  BUT, we did find a wonderful little Mexican restaurant in Torilla--I had a wonderful brisket taco--delicious.

I must say that I do not feel like I am in the United States--it feels more like Mexico.  We passed an elementary school, and there was not one White, Asian, or Black face among the children playing at recess.  Everything is written in Spanish, and Latin music blares from the store fronts; the towns just have a very Mexican feel to them.  I have to also say, that except outside the Post Office, I didn't see any American flags flying, unlike other parts of the country I have been through. It is a very odd to be in my own country and yet feel like a foreigner.

Well, I've been kicked off the internet and signed back on three times now, so I will attempt once more to upload these pictures, then sign off.

Love your comments~~they keep me going.

 Ft Hancock General Store, est 1883

 Formerly the bank of Ft Hancock

 Deserted building

Lengthening Shadows

Time for laundry!

My room tonight                                                                        

47 miles


  1. Sue:

    My internet hasn't been working very well either so I have not been able to leave many posts but I am reading every blog and enjoying your ride. You hang in there! EVERYONE suffers on long rides with big hill and butt pains - your ATTITUDE usually carries the day and your attitude is TERRIFIC! I always thought Bob had a great attitude about riding and I can see that either you've made it better or he's rubbed off on you! I'm glad you are back in the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS! Keep smiling!

  2. @Grumpy---she came with the great attitude!!

    1. lock your doors tonight. Yikes that place looks like a ghost town.
    2. Sometimes your blogs remind me of a food network show that could be called "Biking and Eating across America". There could be potential there....Bike ride Round 2 next year with a camera crew?
    -your secret friend.

  3. Shouldn't your bike be inside the room?