Saturday, March 6, 2010

Climbing, Climbing, Climbing.......... (March 6; Day 2- Jacumba, CA)

Okay, let's get clear on what I will accomplish on this ride--my intention is to enjoy it, smell the roses, and experience my experience.  Yesterday I did experience my experience, but I rode like I always do--as hard as I can and very aware of where I am in the pack --I like to ride in the front. But in doing the 'same old same old', I also experienced the 'same old same old'. Today, I chose to rectify that, and went out with the last group.  It was nice. It was a bit slower, but not much.  The significant difference was that there was more of a team spirit and camaraderie than the former.  We looked out for each other even if it meant slowing down.  So, that is a big change for me and one I get to explore further.

Today started with an 8 mile climb with grades ranging from  4 to 14%.  In that eight miles, we climbed 1800 feet, and there was more climbing after that--4% grade doesn't sound so bad anymore.  A lot of the ride averaged between 5 and 8%.
It was cold {{shiver}}, but once the heavy climbing started, I warmed up quickly, and 'was feeling the heat" (ladies don't sweat) at mile 2.  I stripped off my jacket, and arm warmers, but was still very warm.  About mile 5, we had to go onto Highway 8--believe it or not, it is an official bike route!  Wonder who thought that up!!  White knuckle all the way!
The temperature started dropping, at least it felt like it, and I about froze--even after putting my cold weather gear back on and pedaling up hill!  I couldn't feel my fingers and I blew my first snot rocket!!  (Guess I can't call myself a lady anymore.....)  Clouds were rolling in dark and ominous. On we rode, headed to the first SAG stop.  Finally, exiting the highway, we saw this
Hmmm-doesn't sound promising, but on we went to the SAG stop.   Once there, I couldn't stop shivering, and looking at the sky, decided that I was not going to risk getting colder AND wet.
So I put Baby up on top of the car and rode to where we staying in the comfort of a heated car.  ...I wasn't alone, by the way. 
The rain did roll in eventually, as did the fog, so few people actually finished the ride.  I don't think many people will be staying up to play Scrabble tonight.

45 miles

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