Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yippee Yahoo-ha (March 14: Day 11--Globe, AZ)

Ok--if you're easily offended, stop reading now....that means you, Secret Friend.....and there will be no pictures......we are going to talk about the art of riding without pain.  About 60% of our riders polled have, ummm,  hoo-ha issues due to riding--don't know what a hoo-ha is, then you might want to stop reading.

Some are just saddle sore, some are just plain chaffed and now know how a baby might suffer with diaper rash.  I am sore. According to medical resource, "The resulting skin disorders can be further categorized into fourdistinct clinical syndromes; ischial tuberosity, pain, chafing, folliculitis or furuncles, and skin ulceration. Although these disorders can develop independently, it is not uncommon for more than one to occur at the same time. There are other bicycle seat related problems, such as pudendal nerve neuropathy and impotence (see August 1997 issue of Bicycling), however as these
are not skin-related disorders they should not be termed saddle sores."
   I don't think we have to worry about impotence.

There are several reasons for soreness:
  • misfitted/misaligned saddle
  • new seat or shorts
  • not using lube
  • been out of the saddle awhile
  • bad chamois (the diaper part of the bike shorts
  • saddle that is too wide
  • you're too fat  (not really)
So, how do you prevent soreness?

Well, if it is a matter of just 'breaking your butt in', then put in saddle time gradually.  If you are on this trip, you may need to sag a day or two to let your hiney recover. The other remedies?  Wear good shorts--a thick chamois or padded seat doesn't necessarily mean it is better--it may be the cause.  But, again, if you're on this trip, you're stuck with what you have. So use a a lubricant---chamaois butter. There are several types on this trip--Chamois Butt'r and Hoo-Ha Cream Some are using Gold Bond Powder, which becomes cream-like with moisture, as a lubricant.  Using these products may help prevent the chafing that can occur with bad shorts or a misfitted/aligned seat.  I am using it everyday.  My problem is that I have been out of the saddle too long and am using a saddle that is not well broken in. So today, I took the day off (due also to being extremely uncomfortable with the safety of the  riding conditions) to give my hoo-ha a rest, and slathered my backside with Desitin.

Yes, we do, indeed walk and sit a little funny when we are suffering......and some of us are going 'Commanche', as one member called in....(I think she meant "Commando")....but I'll never divulge who.  Personally, I think we should call it going 'Britney"  (as in Spears).

So, this too will pass...but one may have to take a day off to let the backside recover a bit so infection doesn't sit in.

Yahoo (ha)!

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