Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good Reminders.....

Tremendous levels of frustration early in the day, caused by not one thing, but a series of  'blips on the radar'-->you know...when everything is 'perfectly' planned, but all goes awry.  That's how the morning began...until I chose not to let it bother me, but have fun with it instead.  The lessons I was reminded of were:
  1. To not be attached to how an outcome should occur--just be clear on the result I intend to create and create it.
  2. That every obstacle is an opportunity--it's all in how one chooses to view it
  3. To be flexible
  4. To be grateful....  My 'bad' day might be a good day for someone else.
Tonight, Baby is back from the bike shop and is better than new, my bike box is being shipped directly to the final hotel WITH my wheeled duffel inside, I had a fascinating day exploring the naval and sub bases and ended the day with a fine dinner.

In short, I had a really great day and in the process, made some people smile, laugh and know they were appreciated, while getting everything accomplished that needed to be done....


  1. It's still easier than backpacking! -Ed

  2. LOL--I just hope it is warmer!