Monday, March 8, 2010

Like a Rabble of Butterflies (March 8: Day 5--Blythe, CA)

The sun shone, the day was glorious and like a rabble of butterflies, we flew down the road in a multitude of color, jerseys flapping like wings.  It was a long day--90 miles---and as such, tonight we're a bunch of tired butterflies.  That said, please excuse me while I go to sleep.  Tomorrow, I will tell you about today.  .....Good night.

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  1. Sue:

    Bob told me about the adventure this weekend - I will be a faithful blog follower through the whole journey - I am so jealous and excited! You are doing something that I hope to do for myself in the next 2 to 5 years - good luck - go girl!!!!! BTW - my grandkids nickname for me is Grumpy - its a long story!. This is Bob's cycling buddy, Mark Smits