Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Holed Up and Repacking

UP early today to travel to San Diego.  Looked at the stuff I packed last night, and all was good.  Got to the hotel, looked at my stuff and knew this was not going to work for me.  Way too much..........all this stuff is going to be an organizational nightmare.  I can already feel myself twitching from the OCD tendencies.  At this point, it is not about the weight (though I am worried about that). but more about the mental chaos all this stuff is creating.  So what is one to do?  That's easy-->go have a glass of wine, enjoy the sunset , enjoy the company and know that it will all work out.

Later.....unpacked and culled out a bunch of stuff.  Decided not to use the wheeled duffel bag; the luxury of the wheels just adds too much weight.  I packed an extra ripstop duffel, so I transferred what I am keeping into it.  The rest and the wheeled duffel will go back to Texas in my bike box--I will drop them at the UPS store tomorrow.   The orthopedic pillow does the heating pad.  I think my body will thank me for that decision.

My bike is going to have to go to the bike shop tomorrow; something isn't right with the handlebar stem.   Hopefully, it will be an easy fix. Traveling is so hard on this equipment.  I watched TSA open and go through my bike box....they were quite intrigued by my 'clown' shoes.....


  1. Way to go are in my safe and enjoy yourself..

    Deidra Brown

  2. sue, less is much more useful and stress free. it's great living on a bike and a couple of bags. becky

  3. You'll either get into a routine with packing and unpacking, or you'll just go nuts each time you check into the hotel! A year from now you will look back on this and wish you could be there to do it again! I miss my 2009 Southern Tier friends terribly right now and am jealous of your exciting adventure. Go safely. May you have only tailwinds and clear skies!