Friday, March 26, 2010

Heaven, Almost Heaven....(March 26: Day 23--Marathon, TX)

You guessed it...I am back on my bike and HAD A FANTASTIC RIDE TODAY!  My old saddle arrived, on my birthday (thank you, Bob!) and what a difference it is making!!!  The is still some residual soreness, but every stroke isn't a 'grit your teeth' and smile effort anymore!
Riding out today was exhilarating--some small climbs, a alot of downhill.  I was riding with Pam today; she sets a very steady, sensible pace--especially given that we have a 110 miler coming up on chipseal.  Pam is from Auburn, CA and knows how to ride and climb, so for her to set the pace is a good thing for me.  Not having been on the bike for a while, I wanted to hammer it and blow off the walls.  I paced with her and Mary for probably 10 miles, then I just couldn't contain myself.  We hit a downhill on smooth pavement, and I was gone! Woohoo--what a glorious ride!!  Up and down, up and was wonderful.  Perhaps I wasn't "smelling the roses" as one might think, but for me it was....
I flew down the road, which miraculously had changed from chipseal to silver smooth asphalt--must have been riding through a wealthy county.  There was a some wind, but who cares....  I was in 
And it was....I flew into the first SAG stop...I was starting to feel that familiar 'ouch', so I changed bike shorts, stripped off some layers and did the other stuff one does at a SAG stop.. (use your imagination).  I left with Pam and Mary, at a sensible pace.  The crosswinds from the west were ferocious! Still, I was in....
(sing it, baby--you know you want to....)
We stopped at a wonderful little cafe in Alpine, where I was kindly requested to use the back door.... 
 They did have the best pigs-in-blankets and cinnamon rolls.  I got the former. mmm-mmm.....
 After dillydalling around, (I can say that now that we), we we're in Texas out for Marathon, going east.  We expected (there's that word again...) the west crosswinds we battled coming into Alpine to now become a tailwind...what a sweet ride this was going to be.  Well, Mother Nature had other plans, (and obviously wanted to reinforce my lesson on expectations)--the tailwind became a crosswind and a headwind.  Caught between buttes and mountains, the wind just didn't seem to know what it wanted to do; it went every which way but behind me. It was strong--up to 21 mph.   Head down, steady cadence....still....
Arriving in Marathon, I had no expectations of the hotel for the night. After staying at the wonderful Indian Lodge in Ft. Davis, anything was possible, even the Bates Motel again.   Was I ever surprised to find myself at the beautiful historic Gage Hotel, and in a room by myself!!  Sing it loud~~
So here I sit, in a luxurious suite, Bud Lime beside me and a decent internet connection (still no cell service).  Aahh--life is indeed sweet!  Yes...I am in Heaven!

60 miles


  1. Hooray I'm so glad you are back on your bike!! Just keep riding and living in the moment. And take care of your booty so you can continue living in the moment on your bike!
    -your secret friend

  2. I am so happy for you, Mom- And you look so SKINNY! :)