Thursday, March 18, 2010

Top o' the Mornin' to ya...(March 17:Day 14--Silver City, NM)

Beautiful skies and a false flat grade blessed the road today, and made a new meaning for the Irish blessing "May the road rise to meet you"....because it did.  Of course, still being benched, it didn't affect me, but several people were picked up because of it.

The ride was to Silver City today...  I would have thought it more appropriate to go to Emerald City, considering that is is St. Paddy's day, but Silver it is.  The city is a lovely town founded on mining; oddly, it is copper that is the big metal being stripped out of the earth today.   Silver City boasts the third largest strip copper mine in the country.  The town itself is very laid back, and somewhat 'hippish', bohemian and 'granola'

Dinner tonight was corned beef and cabbage.  Very good.....

 Leprechauns hard at work (Guides Linda and Carol)

Not much of a blog tonight...sorry

Rita and Karen

Lois and Alayne

Karen, Mary and Lois

Roberta, Frankie, Barbara, Leslie

Lynne, Linda, Karen

47 miles

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