Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things that make you go 'hmmmm' (March 10: Day 7--Salome, AZ)

Traveling by bicycle allows one to notice the trivial, to notice those things that make one pause and wonder.  As I pedaled down the highway, I couldn't help but notice the numerous places on the shoulder of the highway where the asphalt had melted and burned.  Because many were accompanied by shattered glass, (which was most considerately swept of the pavement), I can only conclude that there had been a car accident with an accompanying fire.  I am not talking about one or two of these spots, but many.  I passed at least fifteen of them during yesterday's ride and have noticed them previously.  So here is the question: How many cars catch on fire when they are on the side of the highway? If not in an accident, what causes a car to go up into flames, assuming James Bond isn't involved.  And how hot do they get that the asphalt literally melts?


The ingenuity and creativity of people never ceases to amaze me.  I saw this gentleman pulling his creation down the road.  Obviously an animal lover, he had rigged up one cart to carry his goods, and the other contained an elderly dog, while the younger dog walked; both 'vehicles' had American flags flying from it and the dog cage was very comfy!    How clever.

Not to be outdone, another man in the same town had taken two bicycle frames and welded them together with two 3 foot pipes so the whole thing looked like a playpen made out of bikes.   In the middle of all of this was a seat for him to sit on and a car battery, and the back contained baskets for carrying things.  When he connected the battery terminals, the bicycle chariot moved forward; he had made himself  an electric "car".  The only thing I couldn't figure out was how he steered the thing--there was no steering wheel or joy stick. And how did he stop it?  Maybe he was still working on the design....


So, what did you see today that made you go "hhhhhmmmmm""?


  1. Not today, but any time I see a shoe lying along side a road,(which is fairly often actually) I always wonder how it got there...why is it always just one? why is always just the left one? Seen any good (or bad) shoes on your trek?

  2. I always wondered that too!!

  3. Its because of all the one-legged people. They get some awesome new shoes from (like that plug, Diana?) and then discard the one they don't need. Though I'm not sure why they are all missing their lefts legs as opposed to their right ones...things that make you go hmmm....
    -your secret friend