Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good Fortune Shines on Room 105 (March 7; Day 4-Brawley, CA)

Raining hard this morning and 40 degrees.  We have a major long descent first thing out of the door this morning.  I was really looking forward to that reward after all the climbing, but this girl is gonna play it safe and sag again.  It's too cold and wet-->hypothermia and poor driving condtions are not something I am going to mess with.  Street clothes for me this A.M.

So how is that 'good fortune' you ask?  Well, many of the other rooms are leaking like sieves, and though this room is musty with who knows what on the carpet and other places, it is dry and Linda and I are indeed fortunate.

That's all for now...stay 'posted"  (LOL.....get it)

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