Friday, March 5, 2010

Too TIred to Think of an Original Title (March 5; Day 1-San Diego)

Those of you that know me know that I don't get out of bed until at least 8:00 AM--that I am a night owl, getting a surge of energy in the evening that carries me to the wee hours of the morning.  That is when I am most productive. (I must have been a nocturnal creature in a previous life).  Well, the wake up call on this trip is early--breakfast starts at 6:30....Looks like an opportunity to reprogram my sleeping cycle.  The good thing about getting up that early is that so much gets done while the day is young.

Today we started pedaling at 8:00, riding to Dog Beach, where we dipped our back tires in the Pacific Ocean. 
From there, we headed out towards Alpine, which was about 35 miles uphill.  Note the name Alpine--so called because it is in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  And so began the first of many climbs.....the grades weren't terribly bad--6 to 8%, but some of those climbs were 4 miles long!!  Goodness!  My legs are tired tonight.
Anticipation is always far worse than the actual event; my last experience of riding in the mountains left me feeling very unsure of my ability to climb, so I faced today's inaugural ride with some trepidation.  Quite simply, I had a choice--listen to this fear and allow it to undermine my self-confidence, or just face it straight on, acknowledge it and do it anyway.  I chose the latter, and spun up those inclines, knowing I could do it, because I said so.  I set my own pace and kept my own counsel.  A tune, "If I Had A Hammer", played over and over in my mind, helping me keep a steady cadence.  Why that song, I have no idea--it just popped into my head and stayed there until I reached the top. Weird, huh?

During those climbs, it struck me that though I am with a group, this truly is a solitary journey and more of a mental challenge than a physical one.  If the mind believes it, the body will do it. I believe.

My intention on this trip is to 'experience my experience'.  Today I did just that--just me, my bike and my determination--and it was grand!


  1. way to start your journey strong and with such a great attitude. perhaps you will get a hammer as a congratulation present at the end of your trip!
    <3 your secret friend.

  2. And you're off. GOOO MOM!!!