Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's Too Early... (March 5:Day 1- Alpine, CA)

....the birds aren't even awake yet.  Breakfast running late. It's cold--about 45 degrees, so I am not sure what to wear.  I know we are climbing immediately upon leaving, so I suspect I will heat up quickly, but.....  {{Question--if I hate being cold, why don't I embrace my hot flashes}}....  Rain in the forecast, so I am taking my rain gear with me.

Slept extremely well last night, buy woke up with sore shoulders.  Must be riding with my shoulders raised.....legs feel good.

You know what--I thought I overpacked--but I wish I had some of the stuff  I jettisoned. Compared to many on this trip, I am traveling very light!!  Oh well, it is not the end of the world, just an observation.  In the long run, I think I will be very glad not to be toting around a bunch of junk.  It's very hard to stay organized.

Got to run--catch you on the back side!

32 miles


  1. Go Sue go! And always start out cold - you'll warm up in a matter of minutes from all that exercise.

  2. Brrr sounds cold! I hope your hot-flashes kept you warm and cozy out there :)
    Oh, and if you are having sore shoulders, put 2 tennis balls in a tube sock, tie the end of it, lay on the ground on top of the balls and roll on them where you are sore. It is a make-shift massage (and won't take up too much space in your bag!)
    <3 your secret friend.