Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are We There Yet (March 11: Day 8--Wickenburg, AZ)

Today started out cold, so everyone stopped at the local coffee shop on the way out of town.  This was a neat little shop run by some enterprising, unforgettable women....out in the desert.  I figure all the people from the RV parks must go to it.

 Today was tough...after first I thought it was the ride.  It started out cold and windy.  It stayed windy the entire ride.  What was odd was the wind seemed to change directions, blowing one way then another.  I could only figure that is was SO flat and barren, that it just sorta circled around as in blew across the range,hit the mountains and came back. There is nothing there to stop it.....except me.  That's my theory, anyway.

In addition to the wind, a good portion of the ride was on chipseal.  For those readers that don't know what that is, it is asphalt made with large pieces of gravel to increase tire traction.  That is great for motorized vehicles, but for those powered by human legs, the increased friction is like riding up hill.  It creates tremendous drag on the bike as well as bone-rattling vibration.  It is uncomfortable and challenging.  Put that with the wind, and it was a work out--that's why I shed my cold weather gear so quickly.

The thing that really made today's ride difficult for me was the mental aspect.  It was so flat.  I could see my destination in the distance, and I just seemed to pedal and pedal and not get any closer,  That child's voice in my mind kept saying "Are we there yet?"  Indeed.......

57 miles


  1. first of the football pants. Those thighs could kick Roger Staubach's arse.

    2nd of all, the wind is only air moving fast. Embrace it, and it will become your friend. there is a rumor among cyclist that no matter which way you pedal, the wind will find a way to become a headwind. It just wiggles its way around.

    and that chip seal, it really does suck, you are right! Not only that, but it is abrasive. However, if you haven't had sex in a while, the vibrations can be moving.

    your seriously amazing admirer

  2. Yikes---sounds brutal out there! Just think that with every piece of chunky asphalt, you are burning off some of your friend's yummy meals. (actually, I don't think that sounds very motivating at all. Sorry.)

    You should try to put an audiobook on your ipod for those really boring rides. It will make the trip go faster! Or start playing number games in your head. That's what I do when I'm bored (yes, I'm a dork.) I would suggest that you play the alphabet game, but you may never get past "A"!

    Good luck tomorrow.
    -your secret friend (though not serious or amazing, unfortunately)

  3. Tip for chip seal -- if you're pumping your tires to the max, don't. Drop the pressure to about 5 or 10 lbs. below the max. It helps.

    And if you think the flat area out West is boring, wait until you get east of the Mississippi.